Buy Your Ideal Car In 30 Days!

The actionable information you'll learn in the Ideal Car Strategies are a must have if you're serious about leveling up your car buying game. The sooner you start the quicker you'll learn to use these lifelong skills that work on anything from a Miata to a McLaren!


Track Cars Like The Stock Market

Understand market trends and the tools available to monitor prices of your Ideal Car. 

Recognize WHY It Takes Less $ Than You Think

Master the proper step by step process to take a loan out with little to no money down. 

Learn The Secrets To Making $ While Driving Your Dream Car

Learn which cars are WINNERS and which ones are LOSERS using our tried and true strategies. 

Why You Need The Ideal Car Strategies

Stop wishing you owned your dream car... and start making it a reality!

I'm here to help.

You see, most people just dream of one day owning their dream car. They dream because they have no actionable directions to make it a reality. So, it will never be their reality. 
And honestly, that was me just a few years ago. 

But I'm not a dreamer, I'm a doer!

So instead of wasting my time I decided to fully understand the process of purchasing an attainable dream car with as little of my own money invested and as little risk as possible. It's taken years (and quite a few mistakes) to finally take everything I've learned and turn it into an easy to follow step by step blueprint. 

For the first time ever the Ideal Car Strategies (ICS) is here for anyone ready to stop dreaming and get into their first Miata or McLaren with as little money down as possible.
Yes, I've found the same principles you follow to buy a $5,000 sports car, holds true for a six figure supercar! The process is the same, the numbers are just different. So if you're ready to learn car buying skills that will last you a lifetime, I'm ready to teach you.
See you in the course! 

~ Brad Danger

"I watch Brad on YouTube, and I hate that feeling of buyers remorse, which I had with the last 2 cars I bought. Since buying the Ideal Car Strategies I knew exactly what price I needed to negotiate to so I didn't overpay, which is how I paid under market value for my M5! Now I can't wait to level up to a GTR in a few months! "

Joe Roberts

"I was SET on getting a Jeep Wrangler. After following each step Brad lays out in the Strategies, I realized they work on both USED and NEW vehicles! I've never been so confident buying something in my life! I got an incredible deal on my Jeep and the salesman said I 'stole it'! Can't wait to use the Strategies on a G Wagon or Raptor next!"

Ashley Newhouse

"I've always wanted a supercar, but I never knew how to buy one. I started using ICS 3 months ago, and learned how important it was to rebuild my credit if I wanted an R8. Fast forward to today and I just bought a 2009 Ibis white 6 speed R8! The way the research and negotiation is broken down in the Strategies changed the way I look at car purchases forever!"

Jeremy Jackwin

Let's Go!

By blending technology with tried and true practices, the Ideal Car Strategies will give you the confidence to buy for less, and enjoy more! If you don't start learning the Ideal way to buy a car today, when will you? Lets do this together!


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