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Buyers Guide - E9X Model Year Breakdown & Buyers Guide

Coupe, Sedan or Convertible, the E9X M3 is an insanely high-revving, canyon carving, do everything well #sportscar. When BMW introduced this generation in 2008, they raised the bar, again. The engine is a masterpiece, pushing out 414hp, while the huge cross-drilled disc brakes will leave bruises on your collarbone from the seat belt. I LOVED my E90 M3, and if that's your Ideal Car, there are some expensive issues that can arise if you're not an educated buyer. So, buckle up and learn what changed from model year to model year, and what to look out for. Because after all, I want to get you into your Ideal Car!

Ideal Car Strategies (ICS) - Learn more about the exact strategies we’ve used to successfully buy and enjoy over 70 Ideal Cars. Our goal going into each Ideal Car is to drive it for free or make a profit! Join the fam of next generation car enthusiasts!

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