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Use the proprietary Ideal Car Desirability Guide and master how to spot the best deals on cars with unique specs and opportunities to buy at an aggressive price. 


Use data to identify and negotiate to the Ideal price. By building in margin our goal is to drive a car for free, or even make money enjoying it! 


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You Will Never Look At Car Buying The Same

The Ideal Car Strategies (ICS) are shifting the way next generation car enthusiasts buy and enjoy Ideal Cars.

By blending new tech with tried and true practices, we've carved out a better way to break down the Research, Finance, Purchase and The Exit of an Ideal Car.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, you'll gain the confidence to buy for less, enjoy more and maximize returns as you level up with each consecutive car!

And the sooner you start, the quicker you'll get up to speed on these extremely valuable tactics and begin treating automobiles like investments. Whether you have a little or a lot of money to start with, I guarantee these strategies will change the way you buy cars and last you a lifetime! 

Meet Your Instructor

You see, over the years I've made a ton of mistakes, so you don't have to!

Even before I could drive I would go look at cars for sale almost every weekend, and over the years I've built relationships with dealerships, wholesalers, salespeople, bankers, and other industry professionals. What I discovered, is that there is a specific way you can buy certain cars that mitigates risk and maximizes reward. This step by step process works on everything from Miata's to McLaren's, and I've broken down everything I've learned and perfected in the Ideal Car Strategies.

Over the years I have personally bought and sold over 50 cars using these exact strategies, and actively have a couple Ideal Cars in the stable. But just as much as I love the art of the deal, I love to teach, so a few years ago I started an automotive YouTube Channel which now has over 500,000 enthusiasts subscribed to it!  Since I get asked every single day 'how to buy my dream car' I decided the Ideal Car Strategies needed to be created, so here they are! And I believe in them so much that if for any reason you don't enjoy them, I will give you a 100% refund in the first 14 days. 

My goal is for you to learn the correct way to leverage financing and not only keep your initial out of pocket costs as low as possible, but also build quality credit history so you can continue to level up with each new Ideal Car. My goal is to get you to identify potential deals like a hawk and negotiate like a pro. My goal is for you to take everything I have learned and create your own Ideal ownership experience. From Miata's to McLarens, these exact strategies have now helped  hundreds of enthusiasts objectively look at potential opportunities and confidently buy and enjoy their first of many Ideal Cars.

My friends and I look forward to meeting you.

~ Brad Danger

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